This page will detail my trip to the 2003 Sturgis motorcycle rally.

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Saginaw, MI to Iron Mountain, MI

approx. 400 miles

A bit of a wet start to the trip, about 20 miles north of Bay City the clouds opened up and decided to drench us. All in all a pretty uneventful day except the deer that tried to commit suicide. A couple of pictures below, BTW the pictures should get more interesting as the days move on!

These 2 pictures are from our stop just after it started to rain.

LUNCH BREAK! Just across the bridge in St Ignace.

Smoke Break!

Final stop of the day, our dirty bikes outside our hotel!



Iron Mountain, MI to Benson, MN.

approx. 450 miles

Today was a long day, started off at 7:30 am with major fog covering everything. Our first stop was just into Wisconsin and that is where the problems started. My bike decided not to start!!! We ended up having to push start it and went on our way. stopped for breakfast and had the same problem with the bike, we ended up having to push start it 4 times before we reached the dealership (Rice Lake HD). They managed to get my bike fixed on about an hour and a half (giving us plenty of time to purchase stuff!!!), it turns out the stator was dead which caused the battery to drain. Finally we reached the hotel at about 9:30 pm.

This is us getting ready to leave, way too early to be up!!

This is from our second stop of the day. #1 My poor bike (and a dog that was being nosey) #2 WOW, Technology! #3 Trying to get my bike going AGAIN!

Rice Lake HD - #1 The dealership, #2 MY POOR BIKE!!, #3 A cool trike parked outside.



Benson, MN to Kadoka, SD

approx. 430 miles

Today was a good day without any major mishaps (except someone running out of gas). We ended up stopping at a restaurant named Bob's Steakhouse located on Lake Oahe (the view was amazing, the pictures do not do it justice!!). The restaurant did not open until 5pm so we ended up waiting for about 2 hours (it was worth the wait - see the pictures). The rest of the ride was amazing with some awesome scenery that I will never forget!!

Getting ready to leave (once again, way to early to be up)

On the border of South Dakota

The view of Lake Oahe, Like I said the pictures do not do it justice!! It is an amazing site!!

Bob's Steakhouse - #1 & #2 this is the giant 32 oz steak no one managed to finish it (like I said it was worth the wait), #3 the outside of Bob's.

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