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This was our 1st day in South Dakota. Finally a state that does not look exactly like Michigan!!! Today we went and saw the Badlands. This was a very impressive sight and something that I will not forget. The pictures do not show the true beauty of the landscape. We also stopped by the town of Wall, this town has been around since before the depression and is most famous for being the home of Wall Drug.

On the way to Sturgis we got caught in a major rain storm and ended up having to stop under an overpass - the strange thing was that as soon as the rain stopped the temperature went right back to about 95 and we were all dry within 10 minutes. Now Downtown was another amazing site, I have never seen so many bikes in one place before. We looked around and spent way too much money on t-shirts, but the climax of the day was riding down main street. In all honesty I am not sure what I was more impressed by, the Badlands or downtown Sturgis.

Pictures from the Badlands.

Pictures from the Rain storm.

Pictures from Downtown Sturgis.


Today we went to the Harley Davidson dealership in Rapid City (Black Hills Harley Davidson). The dealership was a pretty busy place and had probably 10 - 20 thousand bikes parked there. The main reason for visiting was that Orange County Choppers was there showing off some of the bikes - my biggest complaints were that they did not have the fire bike on display and I did not get a chance to meet the either of the Paul's. We also went to see mount Rushmore and Custer state park. We took Needles Highway which is an amazing road to ride, it has some really twisty turns and some awesome scenery.

These are some pictures from our ride to Rapid City, we took the back roads and saw some more of the Badlands outside of the state park.

Orange County Choppers bikes at the HD dealership.

Some more pictures from the dealership.

Pictures from Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park.

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